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Aircraft Ferry
Aircraft Management
Aircraft Sales
Crew Training

Some of our services include the following topics.  However, these in no way represent the full scope of what we offer, or what we can supply.

Aircraft Ferry

        Wing It Aviation has flight crews "on hand" to ferry just about any type aircraft anywhere in the world.

Aircraft Management

Wing It Aviation is in the unique position of being able to offer a full-time aircraft management service for owners of turboprop and bizjet aircraft.

Aircraft Sales and Acquisition

Whether your are an airline start-up or an existing airline, Wing It Aviation can help you locate and acquire any aircraft you may need.  Wing It Aviation has connections within the major aircraft manufacturing companies, as well as aircraft brokers, and financial institutions around the globe.

Letter of Compliance

A tedious, yet necessary task for any airline is their Letter of Compliance.  The Letter of Compliance, required by and submitted to the FAA, shows how the airline complies with each regulation with which it is charged to obey, and accordingly, it should be a living document.  For FAR 121  and FAR 135 air carriers, this letter must cover the applicable parts of their governing regulations.   As with manual production, most airline operating and management staff are proficient in their day-to day tasks, yet ill-equipped to personally perform the task of researching, writing and maintaining a Letter of Compliance.  The net result being a lack of performance in both areas. 

Wing It Aviation's staff are skilled professionals, both keenly attuned to the steps necessary to research a Letter of Compliance, and while being extremely proficient in collating, sorting, and entering the necessary data to produce the required document in minimum time and in the format required by the FAA.   The net result being the airline can run as usual with no degradation of performance; executives, directors and managers can direct their entire attention on their day-to-day tasks, while Wing It Aviation staff produce the document in minimum time and expense.

Crew Training

Wing It Aviation staff are all FAR 142 school qualified instructors, and are therefore easily qualified and accepted by the FAA.  With that obstacle out of the way, Wing It staff can assist any airline in implementing their approved flight crew and cabin crew training programs.

Training Course Development

Wing It Aviation can produce training courses to meet the needs of your airline.  New topics come up all the time which can challenge airline operations and management as well as training staff.  Many times there just isn't enough time to develop a training course for a new subject in the time frame specified for its implementation. 

The "new" bullet proof cockpit door requirement provides a good example.  Prior to 9-11, access to the cockpit was available to all flight and cabin crewmembers (whether actually working the flight or merely dead-heading) who possessed the appropriate cockpit door key.  In response to the cockpit security concerns identified by our government regulators as a contributing factor in the events of 9-11, airlines were mandated to install bullet proof cockpit doors (which did not exist prior to 9-11) in all their aircraft, and to devise procedures to ensure that cockpit access was granted to only those who should have access, and then, only when there was a genuine need to get into the cockpit.  This caught a lot of companies off guard, in that not only did they need to develop procedures for the operation of the new, as yet to be developed bullet-proof doors, but develop SOP's for opening it in flight. 

Wing It Aviation helped several airlines produce the appropriate revisions to their aircraft systems manuals, aircraft operating manuals, general operations manuals, maintenance manuals, minimum equipment list and training manuals, as well as developing the training courses used to teach flight and cabin crewmembers about the new equipment and the new SOP's concerning its use.

Another aspect of course development exists when a new aircraft type arrives on the property.  Prior to its use by the airline, the appropriate revisions to the affected manuals must be written and approved by the FAA, and then a training program must be written, submitted and approved by the FAA before any crewmember can receive training on that new aircraft.

Manual Production

Wing It Aviation can produce all, or part of your aircraft specific airline library suitable for presentation to, and acceptance by the FAA's CSET team assigned to your airline start-up venture.  And for those airlines already operating, Wing It can perform any technical publication task you need to upgrade, or revise your manuals, or add a new aircraft, or aircraft type to your existing certificate.


Wing It Aviation's connection to the airline industry allows it to maintain a data base of qualified airline personnel to meet the needs of any start-up airline venture, or an airline expansion.  Part of the problem with an airline start-up venture is finding qualified FAR 119 people to fill the positions identified by that regulation.  Wing It can provide qualified individuals to hold any and all positions identified in FAR 119 for just about any 121 airline venture.

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