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Regulations require that an airline develop and maintain a library containing various and specific manuals that describe in detail every aspect of the airline's management, flight operations and maintenance policies and procedures.  Once written, these manuals must be either approved or accepted by the FAA before they can be used by the airline, and are considered "living documents."  All living documents are subject to revision so that they accurately reflect the current airline as opposed to how it used to be.

For the start-up airline venture, the development and production of an airline library can be a daunting task.  And while most airline personnel involved in an airline start-up venture are proficient in the performance of their individual duties for the company, few possess the ability to actually write a manual reflecting how their particular job is to be done, its limitations, authorizations, and responsibilities.  Furthermore, few people possess the technical writing skills or the computer program skills necessary to produce an airline library to the standards required in today's litigious aviation environment.

Manual writing is a form of art, and accordingly it should be left to the professionals who are proficient in this area.  Airline management, flight operations and maintenance personnel should not get involved in the manual writing process other than proofreading draft copies provided by the technical writers to ensure that they are accurate to the airlines operations.

Wing It Aviation not only has on its staff a group of highly experienced technical writers and manual producers from every major department found in an airline, it has the connections in the Department of Transportation and FAA to ensure that manuals written for an airline accurately depict the airline, its flight operations policies and procedures, and its maintenance policies and procedures.  In fact, Wing It Aviation employs former FAA inspectors.

This combination ensures that the final product produced by Wing It will always meet the requirements of the FAA, and will provide the start-up airline with a relative "turn-key" trouble-free manual library complete with the gratuitous approval of their FAA Principal Inspectors.

Wing It Aviation has also produce airline libraries for foreign - FAR 129 - airlines.  Over the years, Wing It has produced manuals using JarOps, or Civil Aviation Authority regulations as the regulatory authority.

Wing It has in its own library manuals which can be adapted to meet the needs of literally any airline, whether existing or start-up, and operating either jet or turboprop aircraft, in the US or in any other country.

Wing It can produce individual manuals, or complete library sets at reasonable prices and within reasonable time frames.

Key Benefits

bulletOne benefit of having Wing It Aviation produce your manuals is that we have over 80 years of manual writing experience behind us.
bulletAnother benefit is that once Wing It Aviation takes over the manual writing process, during the start-up period, airline staff can focus their attention on "everything" other than the actual manual writing process. 
bulletOnce the manuals are complete, the master copy will be delivered in any format desired, written on any of the main computer programs recognized as suitable for this type production.
bulletFurther, Wing It Aviation can become the airline's technical writing department, producing not only the actual manuals, but providing a revision service to those manuals throughout the start-up phase.  All of which spells out a substantial financial savings to the company in both personnel, time and office equipment.
bulletWing It Aviation also offers an oversight program and technical support to your companies technical publications department precluding the need for sending technical publications staff to computer program training classes.


Information Request

If you require our services in the regard, or have any questions concerning our manual production capabilities, please submit your request on our Contact Us form.

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Last modified: 01/12/07