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Finding suitable employees can be a literal nightmare, especially in the airline industry. 

Wing It Aviation has, on hand, a considerable number of qualified airline personnel, suitable for just about any position in an airline. 

Airline Management

Part 119 of the Federal Aviation Regulations require an airline to have five people to occupy five key position in any FAR Part 121 airline.  Those key positions are the Director of Operations, the Director of Maintenance, the Director of Quality Control, the Director of Safety, and the Chief Pilot.  Individual who are to occupy those positions must first be qualified to serve in those positions and then be individually approved by the FAA before they can occupy their positions and take control of the airline.  Once qualified and accepted by the FAA, the airline's operating certificate - through its operating specifications - is in the hands of those five individuals.

Wing It Aviation can provide qualified individuals to fill any, or all positions required by FAR 119.  This allows a start-up airline venture the opportunity to advance as quickly as possible through the certification phase of the airline start-up venture, get into the air and begin producing revenue. 

If the airline is in need of a Manager or Director of training, Wing It Aviation can provide experienced individuals as well as experienced instructors.

Flight Crew

Wing It Aviation keeps, on hand, a pool of current and qualified flight crew suitable for either passenger and freight operations, and for most aircraft used in today's aviation marketplace. 

If the start-up venture is seeking a pilot base "off the street," Wing It Aviation can help assess and evaluate candidates before the start-up venture invests any money in their training.  With the major airlines furloughing their junior flight crew on a somewhat regular basis, and other airlines shutting down for various reasons, there is a large group of un-employed pilots on the street from which to choose.  Beware!  The mere possession of an airline transport pilot certificate does not necessarily mean the candidate is suitable for your airline.

Many pilots, whose flying experience has been obtained under the care and nurturing of a regional or major airline, are not suitable for a non-scheduled cargo operation with the majority of its flight operations conducted in South America, Africa, the Middle East and/or Asia.  More often than not, the furloughed major airline pilot views a flying position for a non-scheduled cargo airline as temporary.  Conversely, a pilot whose flying experience has been obtained solely in night freight operations in third-world countries, although probably a very competent pilot, may not be suitable for a start-up regional or charter passenger airline.

Wing It Aviation's experienced staff can help any airline start-up venture pick suitable flight crew candidates who will meet the needs and requirements of the airline.  Utilizing Wing It Aviation in this regard will reduce training costs and prevent the airline start-up venture from becoming a "training mill."

Flight Attendants

Finding suitable flight attendants use to be a simple task.  All one had to do was place a 'help wanted' ad in any newspaper, and watch the flood begin.  Picking and choosing suitable candidates from that flood was purely subjective, and at the whim of the airline managers.  In today's aviation marketplace that is no longer possible.  Work rules and labor laws have changed everything!  You can no longer turn someone down simply because that person might not fit the vision of what the airline's managers think a flight attendant should be.

Wing It Aviation has, on staff, experienced individuals who have been flight attendants and/or flight attendant management staff with major, as well as minor (or regional) airlines.  These individuals understand the problems that exist for airline managers today.  Using Wing It Aviation - as a third party - to pick suitable flight attendant candidates, can help the airline start-up venture attain a flight attendant base more suitable to the needs and vision of airline managers. 

Information Request

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