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Hazmat and Dangerous Goods Manuals and Courses

Don't be duped by an inadequate or inappropriate HAZMAT and/or Dangerous Goods course!  Too many times airlines provide their flight crew and ground service personnel with HAZMAT and/or Dangerous Goods courses that are designed specifically for cargo shippers and/or airline cargo acceptance staff, missing the mark completely on items of importance to their flight crew and ground service personnel.  Your flight crew does not need to know how to fill out a Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods!  What your flight crews need instead is specific guidance for determining what dangerous goods your airline is allowed to carry, where they can be stowed on the aircraft, how they must be segregated and secured , the importance of recognizing and finding hidden dangerous goods in passenger baggage, and emergency response procedures for dangerous goods accidents and incidents on the ground as well as in flight.
Wing It Aviation has developed Hazmat and Dangerous Goods manuals and training courses specifically designed to meet the needs of airline personnel.  Unlike most commercially available dangerous goods courses that have designed their training program around navigating a specific dangerous goods regulations manual and how to fill out a Shipper's Declaration of Dangerous Goods, Wing It Aviation's handbooks and courses address real issues confronting airlines and airline personnel in today's "security conscious" environment allowing them to interpret the numerous and demanding regulatory challenges flight crewmembers and/or airline employees can expect to encounter on a daily basis - items never addressed, or even touched on by commercial providers - and provide appropriate guidance for proper solutions.

A300-B4 Automatic Flight Control System Training Video

The A300-B4 Automatic Flight Control System Training Video is designed for the pilot transitioning to this Airbus variant.  It is a foregone conclusion that by the time a flight crewmember reaches the cockpit of this aircraft they have already mastered the tasks necessary to actually hand-fly a jet transport aircraft.  In fact, flying the aircraft is the easy part!  The hard part is learning how to program the autopilot for the different segments of an aircraft flight.  This training video takes the student through a normal take-off, go-around, and landing, as well as an engine failure at V1, a single engine go-around, and a single engine landing.  By studying this video, and "chair flying" with the aircraft manual's AFCS chapter in hand, the student will be able to come to simulator sessions prepared for the scheduled maneuvers with a genuine understanding of the actual Automatic Flight Control System and its programming.


Flight Engineer Flows

  • Flight Engineer Flows are available for the DC-8, B-727 and A-300-B4.  These flows are available in video and book format and are designed to aid the flight engineer candidate in preparation for initial aircraft training.  Each flow is designed to cover specific and required actions and procedures which must be accomplished prior to the reading of a specific checklist, or prior to a specific event such as engine starting.
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