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A300B4 AFCS FE Flows Hazmat/DG



This training video (available in VHS, Hi8, or DVD) is designed specifically for the pilot flight crewmember new to the A300B4 aircraft. 

This video provides "real time" step-by-step instruction on how to operate the aircraft's Automatic Flight Control System (autopilot). 

From the very beginning, Airbus has designed their aircraft to be flown "on autopilot" from liftoff to touchdown.  Pilots on the Airbus must demonstrate a proficiency in operating the autopilot during normal, abnormal and emergency situations in order to pass the required proficiency check and/or rating ride.  The only hand-flown maneuvers a pilot must demonstrate proficiency are steep turns, stalls, and one "raw data" approach to minimums.  All the rest are done with the autopilot "ON" and the autopilot doing the actual flying.  Pilots must demonstrate that they can proficiently maneuver the aircraft through autopilot programming during all normal, abnormal, and emergency flying scenarios typically encountered during a proficiency check and/or rating ride, and can only "hand fly" when the autopilot is inoperative!

This training video covers:

  1. Normal takeoff.
  2. Low speed and high speed climbs and descents.
  3. Normal ILS with Auto Land.
  4. Normal ILS with Go-Around.
  5. Takeoff with engine failure after V1.
  6. Low speed and high speed climbs and descents with a failed engine.
  7. Engine out ILS with Go-Around.
  8. Engine out ILS with Auto Land.

Mastery of these maneuvers is mandatory!

Key Benefits

bulletUsing this training video in the days preceding simulator training will allow the trainee to be properly prepared for the simulator portion of A300B4 pilot training.  Remember, this training video was made to meet an observed need.  From an instructor's perspective, the results were absolutely remarkable.  I can't imagine going into the simulator for the first time without having chair-flown this video with the "how to" portion of the Aircraft Operating Manual open on my lap for the course of a week.  It's that informative!  Better yet, if there's any question, stop it, back it up, and go over the question area until it is completely understood!
bulletBeing properly prepared by knowing how to properly program the autopilot at simulator session period one, can save two to three simulator sessions.  If your training program is "train to proficiency" approved, this benefit can save the cost of up to three simulator sessions.  With a "dry" rate of $200 per hour, you can save $1200.00 on the simulator alone!  And if your training program is not "train to proficiency" approved, your pilots can use their mandatory simulator sessions actually learning how the aircraft functions.  Imagine how well they will perform if they can actually accomplish the maneuvers, abnormal and emergency procedures specified in the Aircraft Operating Manual without having to spend time bogged down on the autopilot functions.
bulletThis is one training aid that actually pays for itself.  If you are training on the A300B4, don't miss out on this item!


Description SKU # Price
Training Video in VHS sku-1 $100.00
Training Video in Hi8 sku-2 $110.00
Training Video in DVD sku-3 $120.00

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