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FE Flows
A300B4 AFCS FE Flows Hazmat/DG



Besides understanding the systems of the aircraft, knowing how to operate them is a key factor of being a flight engineer.  During each phase of flight, from getting onboard the aircraft for the first flight of the day, to securing it at the end of the day after a series of flight segments, there are certain procedures that must be performed by the flight engineer, and in a specific order.  The manner in which these procedures are performed are termed flows, and are generally done just prior to, or just after a specific event, such as just before starting engines when the captain calls for the 'Before Start Checklist.'

Flight Engineer (FE) Flows have been developed over the years to accomplish those tasks, and a flight engineer is pretty much judged by his or her ability to smoothly perform the accepted flows while recognizing any anomaly, such as a diminishing oil supply after engine start, or an aircraft generator not performing as it should, all malfunctions or anomalies that can only be recognized after the fact.

The FE Flows developed by Wing It Aviation, not only have the proper flow sequence, but have the appropriate values and limitations for each item, or task being performed in the flow.  For instance, the instruction to check each generator and then parallel them would be insufficient without providing the normal generator voltage and frequency, as well as the limitations of acceptable voltage and frequency specified in the Limitations section of the Aircraft Operating Manual.  In this manner, learning and performing the flows using the Wing It Aviation FE Flow books have the added benefit of reinforcing and reviewing the Limitations section of the Aircraft Operating Manual each time the flow is practiced or reviewed, items which must be memorized and properly recited during an FAA Oral or Proficiency Check.

FE Flow books are available for the following aircraft:


Key Benefits

bulletFlow books provide the step-by-step interface between the normal operations section of the Aircraft Operating Manual and the actual performance of the prescribed tasks.
bulletUsing the flow books will replace the need to make flash cards for memorizing systems limitations.  Each time a flow is reviewed, and memorized, the system limitations integrated into the flow will likewise be reviewed and memorized.
bulletUsing the Wing It Aviation flow books will greatly reduce the time necessary to learn system operations and system limitations.
bulletUsing and reviewing the Wing It Aviation Flow books are an affordable way to review aircraft system operations in preparation for initial, as well as recurrent proficiency checks.


Description SKU # Price
B-727 FE Flows sku-1 $60.00
DC-8 FE Flows sku-2 $60.00
A-300-B4 FE Flows sku-3 $60.00

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