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The Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods courses offered by Wing It Aviation, Inc. have been produced and developed specifically for the airline industry.  Unlike the hazmat and dangerous goods courses currently produced and available through commercial outlets, Wing It Aviation's Hazmat and Dangerous Goods courses join the appropriate parts of Title 49 CFR, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, and ICAO's the Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air, into one comprehensive and (from an airline perspective) understandable handbook depending on crew position (flight crew, cabin crew, dispatcher, etc.) or ground support staff title (ticket agent, airline security staff, gate agent, ground handler, baggage handler, to name a few), and provide the requisite general awareness and function specific training for each crew position and ground support title as specified by the three separate and distinct regulatory bodies. 

While the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations are, by far, the most user-friendly set of regulations and instructions produced by the three regulatory bodies, IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulations and associated function specific courses primarily follow the layout and format of ICAO's Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air. 

If all your flying is conducted outside the physical boundaries of the United States, its territories and possessions, and your aircraft are not of U.S. registry, we strongly recommend the use of IATA. 

However, if you intend to operated into, or out of the United States, or any of its territories and possessions, and/or you operate aircraft with U.S. "N" numbers (which require that your flight crew possess current and valid U.S. pilot licenses) you must abide by the requirements of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, which contain the U.S. Hazardous Materials Regulations as well as the dangerous goods regulations of ICAO (and as presented by IATA).  Sole reliance on one set of regulations without relying on the other can get the flight crew and the airline in serious trouble!

Wing It Aviation's Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods courses bridge the gap between the various sets of regulations and provide the necessary information and guidance in a logical order and sequence.  Further each handbook contains appropriate emergency checklists which have been developed for the specific user and dependant upon the realm of flight.

        In addition, Wing It can alter its course presentations to meet the specific needs of your airline.


Training Manuals

The following manuals are available:

Flight Crew
Flight Attendants
Passenger Handling Personnel and Ground Service Agents

Each handbook contains over 100 pages of truly useful information presented in a logical format.      

Training Manual Pricing

Training Manuals SKU # Price
Flight Crew sku-1 $50.00
Flight Attendants sku-2 $50.00
Passenger Handling Personnel and Ground Service Agents sku-3 $50.00


Hazmat and Dangerous Goods Courses

The following courses are available, and include the appropriate handbook for each student.  Class sizes are limited to no more than 20 students.

Hazmat and Dangerous Good General Awareness Training
Hazmat and Dangerous Goods Initial   
Hazmat and Dangerous Goods Recurrent   

These courses are totally 49 CFR compliant as well as totally ICAO compliant.  However, since these courses do not limit themselves to the mere navigation and use of the applicable regulatory manual, but instead provide the requisite general awareness training as well as actual job title function specific dangerous goods training, an intermix of students from various departments within the airline is not recommended.  It is recommended that during recurrent training Flight Crew and Cabin Attendants receive a portion of their respective training at the same time.  The reason for this is that the Flight Crew and Cabin Attendant handbooks contain emergency response checklists that interface with each other.  A training exercise (generally administered during recurrent training) exists in the training program that interfaces CRM training with a dangerous goods emergency response.


Hazmat and Dangerous Goods Course Pricing

Training Course



General Awareness Training sku-4 $100.00*
Dangerous Goods Initial sku-5 $250.00
Dangerous Goods Recurrent sku-6 $150.00

* General Awareness Training does not include a training manual.


Key Benefits

bulletWing It Aviation's Hazmat and Dangerous Goods manuals and courses have been written specifically with the aviation community in mind and specifically for those airline personnel in need of the best guidance available.  The majority of commercially available dangerous goods courses limit their scope to merely navigating through one of the dangerous goods regulation manuals and then passing the required test administered at the end of the course.  Very little, or no time is spent on the role of the individual crewmember or company employee in the dangerous goods chain, identifying hidden dangerous goods in passenger and crew baggage, or selecting an appropriate emergency response, and then applying the steps in the appropriate emergency response checklist in a simulated emergency.
bulletMost IATA Dangerous Goods courses provide the student with their very own copy of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, plus a grade school workbook designed to get the student through the test administered at the end of the course.  While the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation may provide a source of interesting conversation when the regulation manual has been spotted by house guests on a bookshelf or coffee table, the regulation manual (which costs the student $100) is something that they will never carry with them on a flight in either their flight bag or crew baggage if only for its shear size and weight.  Besides which, it is the airlines' responsibility to provide a copy of the appropriate regulations to all who need them when and where they are necessary and appropriate.   Wing It Aviation's manuals provide useful information for flight crewmembers and ground personnel with guidance on how to apply the appropriate IATA, ICAO and Title 49 CFR regulations to a specific situation.  It is like carrying your very on hazmat instructor with you on your trip, who is ready to answer any of your hazmat or dangerous goods questions.
bulletThe cost of both the handbooks and the actual courses are not cost prohibitive, but quite competitive, if not downright cheap, considering what the handbooks and courses have to offer.  Further, courses can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual airlines in conformance with the limitations imposed by the airlines operations specifications or operating provisions.


Information Request

If you require our services in the regard, or have any questions concerning our manual production capabilities, please submit your request on our Contact Us form.

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